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Club 55 Travel provides an extensive range of over 100 Day Tours that
have been specifically designed for the Over 55’s. We cater for Seniors
Clubs and for individuals and visitors to Perth.
Family owned and operated West Australian business with over 30
years experience.

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Club 55 Travel has a great range of Day Tours for individuals, couples and visitors to Perth.
Various departure locations around Perth.
There are no strangers at Club 55, just friends that you are yet to meet.
Probus & Seniors Groups please look under group bookings where we have over 100 great tours to choose from.

  • Now Even the Seniors Can Enjoy Day Tours in Perth
    More so than often if you are a senior citizen, you are put on the rear of the cue as most travel agencies prefer to journey with young enthusiastic people who will make the journey pleasurable. Unfortunately, the elderly people have to bear the brunt of such bias attitude. At club55, we have specifically modeled our travel plans to fit senior citizens over the age of 55 who like to travel and explore new territories. Over the years, we have arranged countless tour programs in and around Perth which is one of the most famous tourist spots in Australia. Every year, millions of tourists fly down to Australia in search of adventure and serenity. We can help your visit as one of the most memorable experiences of your life by showing you everything that’s best in this place. Long before establishing this firm; our family took a pledge to facilitate the most utility comprising senior day tours in Perth.
  • Enjoy the Picturesque Perth in the Comfort of Bus Tours
    Why submit to a rigorous journey in an uncomfortable way when you can move in a much more comfortable manner? Being a local, we have formulated a travel plan which passes over every popular destination in and around Western Australia. These days nobody has that kind of time to spend days in a single place which is why if you are looking to absorb the place in the shortest span of time, availing our services will be a wise choice for you. Do not think we only serve to seniors as our services are open to all including individuals and couples. So, if you are a resident or visitor of this picturesque city, do not hesitate to avail our bus tours in Perth. We will pick you up in our luxurious buses and drive to the targeted destination. Through this journey, you will be able to spend some quality time with your friends, family and Co passengers.
  • Coach Tours in Perth Are One of the Most Luxurious Ways to Enjoy the Place
    When people are travelling, everyone has their own preferences. Some like a luxurious journey while some don’t. At club55, we are constantly developing ourselves to make your journey more comfortable. We have acquired some of the most advanced coaches which are extremely comfortable to travel in. Thus, if you are losing out on a lot of travel due to difficulty in walking for longer periods, jump in our coach tours in Perth and you can enjoy the places around you in the comfort of air conditioned coaches fully equipped with all the necessary comforts.Convenience of our clients has always been our foremost priority and we are consistently working towards making our tours more approachable and more customers oriented.